Changing Your Simulation Perspective

SimView Server is an integrated debriefing solution that captures and records audio and video of simulation and other learning activities and compiles them into one comprehensive debrief file. Each simulation action can be recorded, studied, replayed, and logged to give you and your learners every opportunity to evaluate each learning experience completely.


 Complete integration for one comprehensive solution

Share debriefing data to improve learning outcomes

Raise the value of debriefing

  • Incorporate synchronized  audio, video, patient monitor, and event log into one debrief file
  • Record up to four streams of video
  • Choose from fixed and pan-tilt-zoom digital HD, analog, and web cameras
  • Capture comments of other observers during the simulation
  • Stream video to multiple locations
  • Call up debrief files from other computers on the network or to any computer with free Session Viewer software
  • Share files with faculty or students
  • Export videos to embed in presentation or store for research
  • Review an entire scenario or easily jump to key events to reinforce learning objectives
  • Annotate the event log  for comments, events, or medications, correct/incorrect interventions
  • Review data incorporated from preprogrammed SimStore scenarios


Track and Assess Proficiency 

Effective debriefing is a crucial part of learners’ progress and evaluation in a simulation-based learning environment. Whether used with Laerdal simulators with LLEAP or legacy software, SimPad manikins, task trainers, or during a standardized patient encounter, the SimView system is designed to make every debriefing an opportunity to improve critical life-saving skills.

Learn more about the unique capabilities SimView brings to your simulation debriefing events >


Record and Review On-the-Go

Have a SimView Server and looking for portability options to record your in situ simulations? With SimView you can choose portable IP cameras and microphones to move about within your facility. By having these portable IP cameras and microphones, you can extend the reach of your recording capabilities to anywhere within reach of your SimView network.

Complement your SimView Server with SimView Mobile for the ultimate in flexibility. Practice in the actual patient care environment without sacrificing the ability to record and debrief the learning activity. Your recordings from SimView Mobile can be uploaded to SimView Server for networked file sharing and playback.

Learn more about SimView Mobile >


Implementation, Training, and Support

Whether you are setting up a one-room simulation site or a multi-bed simulation center, the Laerdal Services Team can consult with you to understand your simulation debriefing needs and help configure the optimal SimView solution that works for your current needs and future plans