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NRP Solutions with SimNewB®

Training, Competency Development, and Certification

Helping Improve Neonatal Outcomes​

Focus on training, skills assessment, and competency validation without the complexities of building and running your own scenarios manually.

Co-created with the American Academy of Pediatrics, SimNewB® is designed to meet the specific learning objectives of the Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP) curriculum.

SimNewB® offers a turnkey simulation package that includes multiple AAP/AHA accredited case guides and instructor resources embedded into its software and ready for use.

Leverage SimNewB® and its NRP® Case Guides, Instructor resources, and NRP® Mode software to benefit from:​

  • Educational focus guides: scenario outline, learning objectives & debriefing points​
  • Instructor Resources: equipment checklists & simulator orientation​
  • Set up & Simulation guidelines​
  • Scenario Progression guides​


Read and visualize the tools you have at your disposal

Familiarize yourself with the topic and objectives of the pre-created scenario in the Educational Focus section: scenario outline, learning objectives, debriefing points, and reference materials.

Each scenario references current AAP/AHA guidelines to reflect the NRP 8th edition content.

Setting up the equipment for a simulation can be daunting if you’re running a new scenario.

Ensuring you have everything you need before you begin will help the simulation run smoothly.

The Setup & Simulation section is included for each case guide to help you get ready for your upcoming simulation.

Now that you’ve read through the Educational Focus, Setup & Simulation resources, you will start up your equipment.

Start up your SimPad PLUS, the SimNewB, and the patient monitor; making sure it’s all connected.​

  1. Select Manual Mode on your SimPad​
  2. Click “SimNewB” and select “SimNewB NRP Mode” which is included on every SimPad PLUS.​

The NRP Theme included with SimNewB mimics the different states of a typical scenario Flow Chart. The NRP Theme that is included with SimNewB includes six preset patient states levels (L0-L5) which represent the physiological state of the newborn.

L0 indicates a very compromised cyanotic infant with no respiratory rate or cardiac output, whereas, in Level 5, the infant is vigorous with stable vital signs, a strong cry, and active movement.

The Scenario Progression flow chart within each case guide presents how to progress through the simulation using the preset patient state levels to control the simulator.​

The blue boxes represent critical performance steps that learners should complete before progressing the simulation to the next state. 

For example, if the case begins with SimNewB in state L2, upon starting the scenario, you will activate L2.

A final resource available to you is the specific Instructor's Resources document. ​

These include:

  • The NRP Quick Equipment Checklist​
  • Preset Patient State Levels table​
  • Orientation to Simulator

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We will handle your personal contact details with care as outlined in Laerdal's Privacy Policy.