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SimMan 3G PLUS Light
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Item Number: 212-03350
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SimMan 3G PLUS is a durable patient simulator created for high-quality simulation training in a multitude of different medical procedures and patient cases. Use SimMan 3G PLUS as a stand-alone simulator, or expand your training possibilities with high-quality add-ons and your own equipment. SimMan 3G PLUS offers new, improved head skins, articulating arms, and LiveShock.

Includes: Full body manikin with articulating legs and arms, Set of Clothing (trousers+zip-hoodie+gown+belt), Set of Genitalia (Male/Female/blank), Wounds kit (wound + adhesive), External power supply, Soft cases (1xTorso + 1xLegs), Blood pressure cuff, Blood and fluid refill bottles, IV Bag + plug and luer lock. Documentation (Important Product Information and Quick Setup Guide), Headset with microphone (USB), Accessories and Parts, Automated NIBP, Automated SpO2, Interchangeable head skin

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