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SimBaby Trach Light

Item Number: 247-00050
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SimBaby™ with Tracheostomy is a 9-month-old pediatric simulator with a controllable stoma. A tetherless simulator supporting the entire patient pathway – from home care setting over ambulance transportation to in-hospital acute or intensive care

Includes: SimBaby Light Skin tone simulator with tracheostomy complete manikin, SimBaby clothing, SimBaby trolley bag, lower IO leg modules (2) , Drain Bags for IV or IO complete(2), IV port seal(20), Syringe, Needle decompression module (5), Tracheostomy Airway Plug, Silicone lubricant, Silicone Tape, IO sealing Tape, Ethernet Cable, LAN connector, Laerdal Warranty, IPI for SimBaby, SimBaby User Guide, Power cord

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