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A comprehensive cloud-based solution for the capture and management of healthcare simulation-based training


Full-Scale Simulation Management

Maximize every session. Wherever you train, however you need, powered by full integration with our solutions and support from our team.

Discover how SimCapture can help you

Standardize and automate your clinical exams

Deliver consistent, high-quality simulation training

Record and debrief
any simulation

Get insights on learners' performance

Encourage peer-to-peer and individual practice

Streamline sim center management and boost ROI

Unify your sim activities on one platform, regardless of your field

Medical Education

Automate and digitalize your OSCE flow and evaluations, team training and student encounters in a customized way, while benefiting from central management of multiple bays, rooms, and floors in a single control interface.

Hospitals & Healthcare Providers

Create a circle of patient safety that encompasses simulation labs, in-situ simulations, and in-situ events using the same tools to deliver consistent and data-driven feedback that directly and immediately impacts a hospital’s bottom line.

Nursing Education

Turn skills practice into insights using digital assessment and evaluation tools and develop simulation training in your organization to support competency-based education and produce more, better-prepared nurses.

Midwifery Education

Track student progress and help students achieve midwifery core competencies through digital learning and hands-on practice with validated and globally recognized content that meets midwifery learning objectives.

EMS Training

Facilitate student-driven training and improve the impact of your transport and in-situ simulations with hardware-free recording modalities and insights on the team’s and individual’s performance.

Never miss a training opportunity - capture everything


Sim center simulation trainings


In situ and transport cases


Remote training

SimCapture for your simulation and training needs


Dive into a comprehensive solution for high-quality training, including running OSCE's and quality improvement programs.


A tailored solution co-developed with the ICM - covering all stages of labor and delivery with 50 practice sessions.


Easy-to-use digital assessment and evaluation tools to support student-driven learning.

Elevate your usage of simulation data

Over 500 healthcare institutions in more than 35 countries use SimCapture. Recording, assessing, debriefing to:

  • Increase quality of simulation experiences and training outcomes
  • Help optimizing simulation center capacity and resources
  • Enable valid and reliable measure of essential clinical competences
  • Ensure peace of mind with fully cloud-based multi-tenant solution

SimCapture is cloud-based and mobile-friendly. Available anywhere, anytime.

Built on trust

Customer stories

Implementation, Training, and Ongoing Support

We are committed to helping our clients gain the knowledge and insights they need to achieve long-term program success with SimCapture. We offer an extensive Implementation Service package, including Technical Installation and both onsite and virtual Educational Services as well as ongoing support from a dedicated Impact Manager.