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Competency-Based Training Optimized for Learners and Faculty

Turn Skills Practice Into Insights

Start utilizing your existing skills trainers, manikins and simulators, or standardized patients with SimCapture for Skills - a digital assessment and evaluation solution that provides unique program insights and supports a competency-based educational approach.

  • With self-recording and peer-to-peer practice, students become more competent and confident as they train repeatedly on fundamental nursing skills that will help them successfully transition to practice.
  • Save time with automated, easy-to-read reports that provide insights on learners’ progression - helping faculty clearly identify at-risk students and improve remediation rates.
  • Support the accreditation process by leveraging data that is automatically captured and arranged into useful reports like learner contact hours and individual participant or cohort performance indicators.


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The Right Tools Can Help You Do More With Less

Leverage video, data capture, and tailored skills checklists to strengthen evaluation objectivity and improve learning outcomes, while reducing faculty workload.


"Upgrade" Your Skills Training

  • No more paper checklists - improve efficiencies ​with digital assessment
  • Student assessment on your schedule - conveniently monitor learner performance with secure remote access​
  • Flexible, blended learning opportunities - promote skill practice remotely or onsite​
  • Skills trainer agnostics - use the digital interface with any skills trainer, manikin, simulator, or even a standardized patient. 



Accelerate Your Success With a Personal "Guide by the Side"

At no additional cost, for the lifetime of your subscription, a Laerdal Impact Manager will assist with integrating SimCapture for Skills into your curriculum and advancing learning outcomes through data-driven insights.

In addition, they will help develop 3 customized checklists tailored to meet your needs. You’ll have a "guide by the side" to support your long-term program success. 

Pre-made Checklists to Meet Your Curriculum Goals With Ease

For a limited time*, get 40 free digital checklists included with your SimCapture for Skills subscription. These checklists are specifically tailored to nursing skills performed on Nursing Anne Simulator, Nursing Anne Manikin, and Nursing Kelly.

Pre-programmed checklists include 20 peer-to-peer and 20 self-record options:



  1. Nasogastric Tube Insertion
  2. Blood Transfusion
  3. Sterile Dressing Change
  4. Central Line Dressing Change and Flush
  5. Indwelling Urinary Catheterization
  6. Tracheostomy Care - Changing Tracheostomy Ties
  7. Tracheostomy Care - Replacing a Disposable Inner-Cannula
  8. Tracheostomy Care - Suctioning
  9. Tracheostomy Care - Non-Disposable Inner Cannula
  10. Medication Administration Injections - Intradermal
  11. Medication Administration Injections - Intramuscular
  12. Medication Administration Injections - Subcutaneous
  13. Medication Administration Oral Multi-Dose Liquid
  14. Medication Administration Oral Multi-Dose
  15. Medication Administration - Oral - Unit Dose
  16. Medication Administration - IV - Large Volume/Primary
  17. Medication Administration - IV - Push Medication with Running Infusion
  18. Medication Administration - IV - Medication Via Saline Lock
  19. Medication Administration - IV - Piggyback
  20. Head to Toe

*Limited time offer ends December 31, 2023.  Valid in the US and Canada only.

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We will handle your personal contact details with care as outlined in Laerdal's Privacy Policy.

We will handle your personal contact details with care as outlined in Laerdal's Privacy Policy.