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We offer you support in building up your skills lab

Do you already know what you need to consider to build a skills lab from the ground up? 

Are you already convinced that a skills lab offers decisive advantages in training? Do you already know how to use a skills lab to simulate numerous nursing situations in a practical way and thus consolidate the basics and regulatory knowledge in this protected learning environment? You only lack the knowledge you need to consider for the basic set-up of a simulation center? Then you have come to the right place!

In a first consultation session, we would like to find out together with you what you need in terms of spatial infrastructure and technical components in order to be able to set up a skills lab exactly according to your ideas. For this purpose, we will talk to you about your individual training goals, training content, structure of the trainer team and much more.

These and numerous other pieces of information provide the basis for planning your skills lab in order to determine subsequent criteria such as room size and number, technical infrastructure, room architecture and the basic nature of your skills lab.

Training content is not taught during a simulation. This must be done beforehand so that you can then focus exclusively on training individual skills in the protected learning environment of a skills lab.

What are the benefits of simulation in a skills lab?

These criteria should also be included in the planning.

  • Simulation is a complementary element to problem-based learning
  • Simulation promotes the assumption of responsibility for one's own actions and makes it possible to live through complex care situations in a protected setting
  • Simulation is used for training without putting anyone at risk
  • Simulation training is intended to help build a healthy culture of error

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We will handle your personal contact details with care as outlined in Laerdal's Privacy Policy.