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Assessing Clinical Competency: How SimCapture Can Take You from Good to Great

Attend our 1 hour webinar where we will explore how SimCapture supports competency development and learner assessment. Joining us to share her expertise will be Patty Meyers Hill, Assistant Dean for Accreditation and Educational Support at Pace University's College of Health Professions (USA).​

Together we will:​

  • Discuss the importance of competency and how observation of competency supports today's healthcare priorities​
  • Learn about when and how to best observe and assess competency during a learner’s progression
  • Highlight the role of Standardized Patients in developing students’ professionalism and communication skills​
  • Uncover how SimCapture facilitates high-stakes exams and competency assessment, and why it is favored by faculty and sim lab staff.​
Webinar dates/times coming soon...


Our Guest Speaker

Patty Myers-Hill

Patty Myers-Hill
Assistant Dean for Accreditation and Educational Support
Pace University College of Health Professions, New York