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Crash Kelly

Item Number: 201-10001
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Extrication Manikin with intubation head

Durable, rugged training manikin with an intubation head and realistic articulation allowing manikin to be placed in various settings for extrication or rescue.

  • Intubation head with improved airway allows for insertion of standard airway devices with the addition of LMA, Combitube and King LT
  • Right mainstream intubation
  • Oropharyngeal & nasopharyngeal airway insertion
  • Bag-Valve Mask ventilation
  • Suctioning techniques
  • Manually generated carotid pulse
  • Crash Kelly can be enhanced with the optional trauma module sets
  • Full body carry case may be purchased separately using catalog number 200-00350

Includes: 1 Adult Male Manikin, 1 Can of Manikin Lubricant and Directions for Use.

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