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Crash Kelly Trauma Module

Item Number: 276-10001
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Trauma Modules set may be added to adult manikins for realism in trauma life support and lifesaving first aid scenarios.

Trauma Module Set includes:

  • Trauma head cover features an avulsed ear, avulsed eye, lacerations of the lip, neck and scalp, nasal bleeding, impaled object and face contusions (head skin)
  • Seat belt contusion with compound clavicle fracture (lay-on)
  • Compound radius fracture (lay-on)
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree burn arm (lower right arm)
  • Hand with open fracture of index finger, exposed tendons and multiple lacerations (sleeve)
  • Abdominal wound with exposed viscera (lay-on)
  • Impaled object in thigh (thigh pad)
  • Compound femur fracture (thigh pad)
  • Crushed foot with exposed bone and soft tissue and amputation of the small toe (right)
  • Projectile small and large caliber entry/exit wounds (deltoid, ventrogluteal and dorsogluteal pads)
  • Talcum/baby powder

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