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Our diversity policy

We value diversity

We believe that diversity and inclusion from entry level to top management helps us drive better decision making. Fostering diversity enables us to build cultural awareness, a broader competence base, and understand our customers across cultures.​

​Equal treatment and opportunities for all

Our global organization represents the ethnic and cultural diversity within our workforce. Our policy of diversity and inclusion enables us to attract and retain talented people from around the world, promote a culture of respect, and enable us to operate more effectively in a global environment.


We support the fundamental right to be free from discrimination based on background, gender/non-gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, marital status, religion, race, ethnic origin and/or political orientation. We are committed to ensuring equal treatment and opportunities for all employees as well as a work environment that is free from discrimination and harassment.

How we monitor, measure, and ensure diversity

Through our corporate policies and guidelines we ensure that equal opportunities are integrated at all stages of employment including recruitment, performance management, compensation and benefits, and leadership. Our management teams are encouraged to incorporate diversity and inclusion in all our key decision-making processes.

Our equal opportunities policy is ensured by our whistleblower channel, our annual Employee Perspective Survey (EPS), and human resources/legal compliance within local regions and communities. Our efforts to improve diversity are continuously measured and presented in our annual Sustainability Report.