Deliver highly realistic ALS training

Resusci Anne Simulator, now improved for ShockLink. Provide more realistic defibrillation training with pads,  including correct pad placement.  Optimized  for high-quality team and skills training in a wide range of ALS scenarios. 

The Resusci Anne Simulator takes the ALS Simulation training to a new level beyond Resusci Anne Advanced Skill Trainer by offering these additional features:

    • Realistic defibrillation with ShockLink and self adhesive training pads.
    • ECG monitoring
    • Airway management with supraglottic devices.
    • IV insertion (Configurations for left or right side IV arm available)
    • Blood pressure auscultation (Configurations for left or right side BP arm available)
    • Pulse monitoring
    • Voice, lung and heart sounds for basic simulation training
    • Quality CPR (QCPR) feedback on the SimPad PLUS to measure and improve CPR performance

Strengthen your healthcare system with advanced scenario training. 

Spcialized healthcare providers such as paramedics, specialist nurses and physicians need to train a wide range of ACLS and communication skills in a team focused setting with custom scenarios that follow local protocols.


Realistic defibrillation training

Using ShockLink, Resusci Anne Simulator provides a flexible and realistic solution for AED defibrillation training using self-adhesive pads. This means you no longer need to purchase a specific training model for your AED or a new CPR manikin, which reduces the cost of implementing live defibrillation training. ShockLink works with virtually any AED / defibrillator monitor.  Training pads last more than 50 applications

Resusci Anne Simulator also available in configurations with paddle plates for manual defibrillators

Easy to operate with detailed feedback on performance

The SimPad PLUS priovide an intuitive user interface and ergonomic design for the instructor, new or experienced.  A hand held remote tool for highly effective simulation training.   Resusci Anne Simulator is easy to use and manage by the SimPad Plus. 

Laerdal Learning Application (LLEAP) for SimPad PLUS makes it easy to run both preprogrammed  and custom scenarios in task or simulation training.  LLEAP for SimPad PLUS also gives instructors real-time performance indicators for compressions (CPR) , ventilations and hands off time, as well as detailed event logs for structured and objective debriefing.

QCPR Feedback on SimPad PLUS - intuitive, instant, easy!

Improve CPR performance and sharpen the crucial skills necessary to perform exceptional individual or team CPR using quality feedback. SimPad PLUS gives instructors real-time performance indicators for compressions, ventilations and hands-off time.

The SimPad PLUS Log Viewer will capture data on student performance for a quality debrief that will optimise the learning experience.





SimPad PLUS to be ordered as a separate item

Learn more about SimPad PLUS > 

Upgrade your Resusci Anne Advanced SkillTrainer / Resusci Anne Simulator with the newest features.

With our new upgrade service, you can now have your Resusci Anne Simulator manikin upgraded to the same new features as launched in year 2018, while also extending the lifetime of your manikin by replacing necessary parts susceptible to wear and tear.