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Cervical Cerclage Mod L PROMPT Flex

Cervical Cerclage Mod L PROMPT Flex


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An additional module for the PROMPT Flex Standard (LIM-80100) or Advanced (LIM-80106) birthing simulator for practising the necessary skills required for performing cervical cerclage. Trainees can have exposure to performing both elective and emergency cervical cerclage procedures. The PROMPT Flex Birthing Mother (LIM-80120) is not included with this module.FEATURES OVERVIEW
  • Detachable cervix to allow for repeated training in both elective and emergency cerclage procedures
  • The detachable OS provides instant feedback to the trainee
  • Fluid-filled amniotic sac replicates bulging membranes for emergency procedures
  • Cost-effective as each detachable cervix (OS) can be sutured repeatedly


  • Realistic representation of a dilating cervix with presenting amniotic sac for emergency procedures 
  • Restrictive space within the vagina to perform the procedure as in real life


  • Allows for the practice of both elective and emergency cervical cerclage
  • Can be quickly and easily fitted into PROMPT Flex 


  • Skin surface is washable using soap & water


  • Main product is latex free however Amniotic Sacs provided contain latex


  • Realistic representation of a dilating cervix and bulging membranes with soft parting labia and accurately sized vaginal vault mimicking the confined space available when performing the procedure


  • Management of cervical incompetence
  • Elective cerclage
  • Emergency (or rescue) cerclage
  • McDonald cerclage technique 



LIM-80183 PROMPT Flex - Cervical Cerclage Elective OS (x5) 

LIM-80184 PROMPT Flex - Cervical Cerclage Emergency OS (x5) 

LIM-80185 PROMPT Flex - Cervical Cerclage Amniotic Sac (x5) 

PROMPT Flex - Cervical Cerclage Frame

PROMPT Flex Cervical Cerclage Vagina

PROMPT Flex Cervical Cerclage Fluid System

PROMPT Flex Cervical Cerclage Perineum



LIM-80100 PROMPT Flex Birthing Simulator Standard - Light

LIM-80106 PROMPT Flex Birthing Simulator Advanced - Light


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