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Mini Anne global

Mini Anne global

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Mini Anne Global is a CPR kit which includes an inflatable manikin torso as a component of a Self Directed Learning - CPR program. The “practice-while-watching” technique allows trainees to practice CPR while watching the skills demonstrated by an instructional video.

Product Features

    • Mini Anne manikin (1)
    • Simulated AED Trainer (1)
    • Express bag (1)
    • Inflatable manikin with landmarks for compressions
    • Compression clicker for audible feedback on optimal compression depth
    • Instructional videos available
    • Visible chest rise with ventilations
    • Basic AED with pads for familiarity
  • Length: 51 cm / 20.1 in

    Width: 31 cm / 12.2 in

    Height: 9 cm / 3.5 in

    Weight: 0.4 kg (+/- 0.05 kg) / 0.9 lb (+/- 0.1 lb)

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