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AED LINK Training Pads

AED LINK Training Pads

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A set of AED LINK training pads for use with AED Trainer, AED trainer 2 and AED Trainer 3. AED Trainer LINK Pads is for use with all kinds of manikins and standard patients as long as the pad adhesive attaches properly. When used with a LINK manikin or with the external manikin adapter, the AED trainer detects pad placement and advances the scenario.

Product Features

    • AED LINK Training Pads (1)
    • Their lifetime is tested for 50 applications when they are properly stored on the liner between use. AED Link Training Pads comes as standard pads for the AED Trainer 3, but can also be used with AED Trainer 2 and AED trainer
    • These pads comes in a non-link version. They also come in a pedatric non-link version
  • Length: 16 cm / 6.3 in

    Width: 10.3 cm / 4.05 in

    Height: 0.1 cm / 0.04 in

    Cable length: 114 cm / 44.9 in

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