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ShockLink Training Pads, Zoll adapted rectangular

ShockLink Training Pads, Zoll adapted rectangular

ShockLink Training Pads, Zoll adapted rectangular


1 set of pads with liner

The Zoll adapted ShockLink pads establishes connection between the SimPad/TeamReporter to the ShockLink via the Laerdal Link connection in the manikin. They have a velcro part catering for the “Real CPR”, also called the CPR puck.

These pads look and feel of the Zoll clinical/training pads but have Shocklink functionality.

More information here: Using Shocklink with Zoll defibrillators

How to use “Zoll adapted Shocklink pads” with Laerdal LINK manikin

This video shows how to setup Zoll X series or Zoll AED Plus using ShockLink with Laerdal LINK manikins. The same setup can be used for most of ZOLL defibrillators, including R-Series.

In this setup the customer will use Laerdal LINK pads 198-80850 or the 198-80950.

Using SimPad SkillReporter/LLEAP and the TeamReporter app allow the user to control heart rhythms and ECG signals via ShockLink and get pad placement and shock events to the Laerdal device for debrief.