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MegaCode Kelly VitalSim Basic is a realistic manikin for training in a wide range of advanced life saving skills in pre-hospital emergencies from advanced airway scenarios to IV therapy. When used with the SimPad System; MegaCode Kelly allows cardiac defibrillation, pacing with or without capture and variable threshold, ECG interpretation , measurement of non-invasive blood pressure, and the auscultation and recognition of heart, breath and abdominal sounds. SimPad also allows the use of the pre-recorded vocal sounds, and live voice through the use of a wireless microphone and logging and scenario functions.

Product Features

    • Adult Full-body Manikin (SimPad capable) (1)
    • Articulating IV Training Arm (1)
    • Manikin Lubricant (1)
    • MegaCode Kelly Eye Set (1)
    • Neck Skin Collars (6)
    • Cricothyroid Membrane Tape Roll (1)
    • Set of Defibrillation Posts (1)
    • Replacement Pneumothorax Mid-Clavicular Bladders (2)
    • Replacement Pneumothorax Mid Axillary Bladders (2)
    • Carry Case (1)
    • Jacket (1)
    • Pants (1)
    • Direction for Use (1)
    • Laerdal GlobalWarranty Booklet (1)
    • Airway management
    • Drug/IV administration
    • ECG monitoring and Defibrillation
    • Tension Pneumothorax
    • Chest Tube
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