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Arms & legs soft SP

Arms & legs soft SP

Arms and Soft Legs with Bolt and Soft Pack

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Set of lower body and arms for use with Resusci Anne manikins.

Product Features

    • Lower body with foam legs and pants (1)
    • Right and left arm (1)
    • Bolts for attachment of arms (2)
    • Bolt for attachment of legs (1)
    • Soft Pack (1)
    • Upgrade your Resusci Anne Torso with arms and soft, foldable legs that will pack nicely into the Resusci Anne trolley
    • The set contains bolts for attaching the limbs to the torso. No additional tools are required for installing the arms and legs
  • Length: 125 cm / 49.2 in

    Width of open:104 cm / 40.9 in

    Width of closed: 50.2 cm / 19.76 in

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