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All Hands On

Creating Communities of Lifesavers

Over 350,000 people suffer out-of-hospital cardiac arrests each year in the U.S. Only about 10% of them survive. Survival depends on getting CPR immediately from a bystander within the first few minutes following cardiac arrest, before first responders arrive. This can double, or even triple, a victim’s chance of survival—but less than half of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest sufferers receive the lifesaving CPR they need from a bystander.1

When every minute is crucial, it’s critical for people to act—but many Americans lack the knowledge or confidence to perform CPR in an emergency.2 The solution lies in widespread community CPR training.

Educating the lay public on the importance of CPR and how to perform it will increase the number of lifesavers in our communities.

What is #AllHandsOn?

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Laerdal Medical is committing to building CPR awareness by distributing CPR Anytime® kits in a campaign called “All Hands On.” The kits are given to attendees at key Laerdal events, primarily our SUN (Simulation User Network) Conferences.

You’ve been given a CPR Anytime Kit to bring home. The kit can teach your family and friends the basic skills of CPR in about 20 minutes.

Take pictures of the kit in use, and share them using the tag #AllHandsOn to help spread the word about the importance of learning CPR.

Together, we can help increase awareness of lifesaving bystander CPR.

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