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Bleeding Trauma Modules

Bleeding Trauma Modules

This set was designed to teach the rapid identification and effective management of bleeding control, per ATLS guidelines or military procedure, to prevent possible potential loss of life.

  • Bleeding trauma amputation arm and thigh modules
    • Tourniquet application
    • Training of proximal artery compression

  • Bleeding trauma arm and thigh modules
    • Application of compressive dressing
    • Training of proximal artery compression 
    • Deep gauze pack placement
    • Thigh module also features palpable chipped and broken bone

Includes: 1 Bleeding Amputation Arm - Upper Right, 1 Bleeding Trauma Arm - Left, 1 Bleeding Amputation Thigh - Left, 1 Bleeding Trauma Thigh - Right, 4 Reservoir Bags with Tubing, 1 Bottle of Red Simulated Blood, 1 Carry Case and Directions for Use