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PROMPT Flex Baby (Standard)

PROMPT Flex Baby (Standard)

Works with PROMPT Flex Birthing Simulator Standard - Light (LIM-80100)

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Descripción general

The PROMPT Flex Enhanced Standard Baby represents a full-term infant, which works with the PROMPT Flex Birthing Mother (LIM-80120) to simulate a variety of birthing scenarios. Its key anatomical landmarks and features allow for focused learning when managing the delivery of the baby.

The newly restructured articulation in the shoulder and hip joints further enhances the realism for difficult birthing scenarios such as deeply impacted head and shoulder dystocia.

This product is available in a dark skin-tone (LIM-80221).

  • When used with the Birthing Mother, the Enhanced Baby allows learners to practice both regular and difficult birthing scenarios
  • Ability to Identify key landmarks, which aid successful delivery
  • Improved articulation and range of movement in the arms and legs allows trainees to be more confident in deeply impacted head and shoulder dystocia scenarios
  • Works as part of the PROMPT Flex range
  • Improved and more realistic limb articulation
  • Correct anatomical landmarks for delivery
  • Versatile use for wide range of delivery types
  • Flexion allows for life-like maneuvering 
  • Fully articulated baby
  • Full-term infant
  • Realistic head to accommodate operative vaginal births
  • Narrow and shallow cranial sutures to help improve suction during vacuum assisted births
  • Can be used in conjunction with the PROMPT Flex Birthing Mother to train in a variety of different birthing scenarios, including; normal birth, breech birth, operative vaginal birth, vacuum-assisted birth and shoulder dystocia
  • Latex free
  • Distinct clavicles and scapulae
  • Flexible head with fontanelles
  • Fully articulated hip and shoulder joints
  • Flexion in the thoracolumbar region
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