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Resusci Anne First Aid/Trauma Module
with Softpack

Item Number: 312050
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Arms & Legs Trauma Module with Soft Pack

Equip your Resusci Anne Torso Model with weighted, articulated arms and legs with simulated wounds.

The arms and legs feature a selection of simulated burns, cuts and fractures. Limb articulation allows for realistic patient handling and immobilization training.

Allows training Life Saving First Aid techniques, combined with any Resusci Anne Torso.

Simple arm and leg attachments, no tools are needed.


Replacement Parts:



  • 1 Set of Articulated Legs with Wounds and Pelvis
  • 1 RIght Articulated Arm with Wounds
  • 1 Left Articulated Arm with Wounds
  • 2 Armbolts
  • 1 Pair Resusci Anne Pant
  • 1 Soft Pack for Limbs (Dimensions: 125cm x 52cm)




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