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QCPR Classroom

Fun learning is better learning

We know CPR training creates lifesavers. But for years, providing accurate and objective feedback on the performance of students has been a challenge for instructors. Until now.

The QCPR Classroom App is now available for our Little Anne QCPR with feedback and a gaming element. This enables instructors to enhance the quality of CPR training, classroom efficiency and learner engagement – with up to 42 Manikins at the same time.

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Compatible with the following CPR manikins

Little Anne QCPR improves CPR training quality and learner engagement for bystanders and first-aid workers.

App compatibility: QCPR Classroom

QCPR Classroom app works with:

  • Requires iOS 11.0 or later. Compatible with iPad only (due to screen size).

Check our product support portal for more information

Survival tripled in Denmark

In 2001, Denmark launched a national initiative to teach CPR. The program invested in community CPR initiatives, new guidelines for resuscitation and dispatch guidance. By 2014, survival rates were tripled.  


Increase in bystander CPR


Increase in victims arriving alive at hospital


More patients alive after 30 days

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