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Comrpessiehechtingen baarmoeder (2x)

Artikelnummer: LIM-80111
Basisprijs excl. BTW: € 395,00
Basisprijs incl. BTW: € 477,95
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An additional module for the PROMPT Flex Standard or Advanced birthing simulator for practicing all common types of Compression Suture (including B-Lynch, Hayman and Pereira) and ligating the uterine artery. Designed to be used with our Pre-Incised C-Section Skin, it can also be used with our mock blood to simulate vaginal bleeding.


  • All common types of Compression Suture including:
    • B-Lynch
    • Hayman
    • Pereira
  • Dissection of the broad ligament
  • Ligation of the uterine arteries


  • Represents a postpartum uterus 
  • Includes uterine arteries, uterine veins and broad ligament 


  • Multiple uses when conducting a compression suture
  • Supplied as a pack of 2, each uterus can be used up to 20 times
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