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Top 3 Products to Improve NICU Performance

Enhance your neonatal simulations and improve your learners’ performance in the NICU

Healthcare providers working in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) are entrusted with the smallest and most vulnerable patients. Due to the nature of any emergency situation that can arise in this environment, the training that providers receive needs to be specialized and address the anticipated increase in emotional stress.

Simulation is one proven method of clinically and emotionally preparing individual healthcare providers as well as interdisciplinary teams for acute emergencies. However, as many experts will attest, not all simulations are created equally. The planning, design, and equipment all impact whether learners leave the training with increased confidence and competence.

Here, we share 3 products that can enhance your neonatal simulations – and subsequently improve your learners’ performance in the NICU.

[E-Book] A Collection of Practical Tips and Tools

Using Simulation to Improve Team Performance in Your NICU

Learn how you can use simulation to achieve high-reliability status with your NICU team.

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