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AED Trainer 3-pack

Item Number: 197-02050
Price ex. GST: NZD  1,293.00
Price incl. GST: NZD  1,486.95
Available in 7-9 weeks  

A 3-pack of universal AED Trainers in individual carry cases. The AED Trainer is developed to be used for anyone providing Community First Aid, BLS and ILS courses and also applicable for some ALS curriculum scenarios. The product is designed for classroom efficiency and is also suited for resuscitation team training.


What's Included:

  • AED Trainer Unit (3)
  • AED Trainer Carry Case (3)
  • AED Trainer Pads (3)
  • AA batteries (12)
  • ""Training only"" labels (3)
  • Getting started Guide (1)

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