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Downloads for SimMan 3G

Directions for Use

IPI SimMan 3G

3.9 MB - Multilingual

User Guide SimMan 3G (ZH)

66.0 MB - Chiński

SimMan 3G With articulating pelvis
User Guide SimMan 3G

66.3 MB

User Guide SimMan 3G With articulating pelvis

QSG Humeral IO Arm

3.7 MB - Multilingual

QSG SimMan 3G multilingual articulating Pelvis

4.1 MB - Multilingual

QSG for SimMan With cat nr 212-023xx, 212-022xx and 212-021xx
QSG SimMan 3G (Polish)

4.1 MB

SimMan Lung Upgrade Kit Setup Guide

4.8 MB - Multilingual

SimMan3G Bleeding Modules DFU

7.8 MB - Angielski


Patient monitor 2.4 config patch

0.2 MB - Angielski

This patch fixes an issue where the Patient Monitor application does not start up correctly and may show an error message when started due to a corrupted configuration file. This patch requires that Patient Monitor version 2.4.0, 2.4.1 or 2.4.2 is installed.
VCA Patch 2.4.1

45.9 MB - Angielski

This patch fixes the volume level issues from 2.4.0
USB 3.0 patch for ELO Monitor

74.5 MB - Multilingual

THIS PATCH IS ONLY NEEDED IF ELO MONITOR ARE USED. With this patch it is possible to communicate between the ELO monitor and laptops via a USB 3.0 port. The patch also supports newer versions of the ELO monitor and is compatible with Windows 7 software. The patch addresses the following patient simulator versions (only): SimMom 1.0.0 SimBaby 1.6 SimMan 3.5 SimNewB 1.4 SimNewB for VS2 ALS Sim Adv 1.1 ALS Sim Adv for VS2 SimJunior 1.0.2 SimJunior for VS2 SimMan3G 2.3.4 Notice that you have to re-apply the patch if you install additional patient simulators on your computer. Future versions of the simulators will contain the new ELO driver and do not need the patch. However, if you combine a future version with any of the versions listed above, the patch is mandatory. PLEASE NOTE: You must also use the latest version of the Laerdal Debrief Viewer
SimMan 3G Ess 2.4.0

869.2 MB - Angielski

SimMan 3G and Essential Instructor Application Software was discontinued September 2014 and replaced by Laerdal Learning Application (LLEAP) Software. Laerdal will ensure availability and support of Instructor Application (latest software version 2.4.0) for a minimum of five years from the date of discontinuation. No additional improvements or modifications will be made to the Instructor Application. In order to access the latest software advancements available for your simulator, please learn more about LLEAP.
Laerdal Debrief Viewer

107.7 MB - Multilingual

This version has no changes made to it compared with version 2.2.1 – except for correcting a spelling mistake in Japanese.

The only reason to upgrade to version 2.2.2 is if you want to run the application in Japanese for SimMan 3G, simMan Essential Bleeding and SimMan Essential.

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