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Simulated patient monitor for true-to-life ALS training

A new level of fidelity

Give healthcare providers a realistic platform to learn from

TruMonitor is a stand-alone training solution that allows learners to interpret vital signs as they will in real clinical settings. With TruMonitor, your learners will experience realistic training scenarios, with an emphasis on diagnosing and improving critical decision-making skills.

Instructors can create and control different scenarios to conduct true-to-life medical simulation training. Students will learn how to react to changes in vital signs, how to interpret ECG, how to perform pacing and defibrillation and more relevant actions can be introduced as the scenario evolves.

With only two tablets (iOS or Android), instructors and learners can experience a training solution that takes ACLS training to the next level. TruMonitor is a cost-effective alternative to using real equipment and can be used in any training situation – onsite, in-situ, in the classroom, or remotely – regardless of student and instructor location.



Increased fidelity for ACLS simulation training

Chest compression fraction.pngZOLL® X Series® Interface

Integrate ZOLL® X features to train high-quality CPR, defibrillation, and pacing for all stages of transporting critically ill patients.

Pulse.png40+ ECGs

Allow students to train on a variety of different ECG rhythms to increase knowledge and competence.

Shock.pngDefib and pacing

Students can train safely in a simulated environment without any exposure to risk of electric shock to students and others.

Ruler.pngScenario builder

Use pre-loaded scenarios or create bespoke scenarios, by using the embedded scenario builder.


Smartphone.pngClinical investigation 

Enhance the learning exercise by introducing lab results, X-Ray, Ultrasound and CT scans – or upload clinical images from your camera roll.

E-simulation.pngRemote learning 

Create engaging learning experiences independent of learners or instructor’s locations.

Levels increasing.pngTrend timing feature

Making gradual changes helps to focus on students’ actions instead of constantly interacting with the device.

Chest compression fraction.pngReal-time CPR feedback

Give learners the confidence that they are providing the best CPR possible at every experience level with real-time feedback.


TruVent with TruMonitor.jpg

Combine TruMonitor with TruVent

Add realism to respiratory care training

Combine TruVent and TruMonitor for remote training in respiratory care. The two solutions are fully synchronized, and changes in vital signs are reflected between devices and apps. Add realism to your training by sharing images of lab results, x-ray’s and ultrasounds between TruVent and TruMonitor.

Learn more about TruVent