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HEROS Implementation Package

All-in-one training solution for high-quality community CPR training

After years of collaborative research and development, Laerdal and Seoul National University Hospital (SNUH) are proud to offer a HEROS Implementation Package for community CPR training in Korea.

In cooperation with SNUH

Efficient and effective community CPR training

Since the majority of cardiac arrests occur at home, home bystanders need to be trained and willing to do CPR. The HEROS program offers efficient and more effective community CPR training with a focus on Telephone-CPR.

This implementation package includes everything you need to run high-performance community CPR training – from CPR manikins with QCPR Classroom app, training material, instructor training, to cloud-based data and reporting.

With quality control of every learners progress you now have the ability to provide even more impact in your society - This is CPR training for the new generation.


What is included?

Everything you need for community CPR training

  • Instructor training
  • Little Anne QCPR
  • QCPR Classroom
  • HEROS educational material
  • Dashboard & Reports
  • HEROS implementation research network

Instructor training

Instructor training

Instructor training is arranged as workshops with HEROS experts. Participants learn about the science and best practice use of the educational material, QCPR classroom and role play.

Through annual HEROS workshop, HEROS instructors can interact with each other, researchers, and local government to share experiences, knowledge, and up-to-date technology.


Little Anne QCPR

Little Anne QCPR

Little Anne CPR training manikin is a realistic, durable, cost effective and lightweight manikin designed to provide students with high-quality adult CPR training. Little Anne QCPR is now available with our QCPR feedback technology.


Learn more about Little Anne QCPR

QCPR Classroom

QCPR Classroom

The QCPR Classroom app enables instructors to enhance the quality of CPR training, classroom efficiency and learner engagement – with up to 42 Manikins at the same time.

QCPR Classroom app

HEROS educational material

HEROS educational material

HEROS educational content and data, co-created by researchers from SNUH and Laerdal, provides easy-to-teach, easy-to-learn telephone CPR. This simplified and standardized educational material is web-based with direct access through QCPR Classroom app. Instructors have flexibility in the course and content selection.

Dashboard & Reports

Dashboard & Reports

The dashboard and reports are generated from cloud-based data collected from each manikin and training session.

The report can be configured to present selected indicators over time or as a benchmark to others, as well as provided feedback to the instructor.


HEROS implementation research network

HEROS implementation research network

By participating in HEROS, you are invited to the HEROS implementation research network organized by Laerdal and SNUH. The research will result in academic papers and improved best practice.

By partnering with us, you will also get access to this material.

What learners and instructors say about HEROS:


Supporting the Global Resuscitation Alliance's agenda

The GRA is a global network which focuses on collaboration and sharing of best practice to catalyze improvements in survival.

HEROS Implementation Package is our response to GRA’s step 8 – to make CPR training mandatory in schools and in the community.

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We will handle your personal contact details with care as outlined in Laerdal's Privacy Policy.