This set was designed to teach the rapid identification and effective management of bleeding control, per ATLS guidelines or military procedure, to prevent loss of life.

  • Traumatic amputation arm and thigh modules 
    • Tourniquet application
    • Training of proximal artery compression
  • Bleeding Trauma Arm and Thigh modules
    • Application of compressive dressing
    • Training of proximal artery compression
    • Deep gauze pack placement
    • Thigh Module also features palpable chipped and broken bone
  • Can be used with adult male manikins and simulators

Set includes: 1 Bleeding Amputation Arm - Upper Right, 1 Bleeding Trauma Arm - Left, 1 Bleeding Amputation Thigh - Left, 1 Bleeding Trauma Thigh - Right, 4 Reservoir Bags with Tubing, 1 Bottle of Red Simulated Blood, 1 Carry Case and Directions for Use