Promote clinical judgment and prepare students for practice

Teach your students to think critically about documentation with Lippincott's DocuCare. This innovative digital solution integrates over 150 patient scenarios with web-based academic Electronic Health Record (EHR) simulation software, allowing students to learn how to use an EHR in a safe, true-to-life setting, while enabling instructors to measure their progress. Lippincott's DocuCare’s non-linear solution works well in the classroom, simulation lab, and clinical practice.

SmartSense links in Lippincott's DocuCare connect patient records to a subset of evidence-based content from both Lippincott Advisor, which provides clinical information on diseases, diagnostic tests, treatments, and medications, and Lippincott Procedures, which includes step-by-step instructions for clinical skills competencies. Both of these products are trusted and used by thousands of direct care nurses at bedside to improve patient care.

Ready to Use

Lippincott's DocuCare comes pre-populated with over 150 patient records that include course-related learning activities.

Easy to Navigate

User-friendly navigation allows students to explore the web-based patient charts at their own pace, with tabbed navigation that provides anywhere, anytime access to the entire patient chart.

A Curriculum Solution

Rather than just teaching documentation, Lippincott's DocuCare teaches nursing content in the context of a patient record for a richer, real-world experience. Patient charts cover the entire nursing curriculum with a variety of diseases, conditions, and demographics 


Create your own patient records to further integrate Lippincott's DocuCare into your curriculum. Students can also create privacy-protected records as a follow-up to clinical practice.

Just-In-Time learning

Students are immersed in an engaging environment where key information is just a click away. Patient records include SmartSense links to evidence-based content used every day by practicing nurses.

An Ideal Teaching Tool

Lippincott's DocuCare lets you interact with students, track their progress, and focus your teaching strategy using evaluation tools, pre-populated cases, and a unified simulation experience.

Incorporate documentation in a variety of settings

With Lippincott's DocuCare, your students will develop the competence and confidence they need to succeed in practice. This academic EHR solution has proven effective in a number of settings.  

In the Classroom

You can teach a disease or condition through patient scenario in the classroom by using the SmartSense links in a sample case’s patient record to directly access evidence-based clinical content from Lippincott Advisor and Lippincott Procedures. 


In the Simulation Lab

In the simulation lab, Lippincott's DocuCare helps students build clinical judgment and prepare for practice with over 150 patient scenarios pre-populated for instant use. You can also easily create patients to match your simulation scenarios. As part of the partnership with Wolters Kluwer Health, you will find that many patient records correspond to Laerdal simulation scenario sets. Find familiar patients, with pre-populated information consistent with the Laerdal scenarios, for a seamless way to add documentation to your simulations. 

In Clinical Practice

Students can also use Lippincott's DocuCare to document their clinical experiences. A single screen setup allows students to easily build privacy-protected clinical patient records, document patient care and submit clinical work electronically to their instructor for evaluation.


Students can use Lippincott's DocuCare on a variety of tablet devices for anywhere, anytime access.

Built by Educators, Designed for Success

Lippincott's DocuCare, developed in collaboration between the Colleges of Nursing and Engineering at University of Tennessee, Knoxville, was built specifically for the academic setting by educators to achieve program learning objectives and prepare students for critical thinking and EHR use in practice.