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Laerdal Simulation Financing Solution


Financing and Lease options to meet your needs

Laerdal has partnered with Blue Street Capital to help reduce one of the major barriers faced by our customers today: the lack of funds. Blue Street Capital has a variety of financing plans that can help you secure funding for your simulation solutions needs today.  Together with Blue Street Capital, Laerdal can help you identify the solutions for your simulation needs and then work with you and Blue Street Capital to find the best financial solution to maximize the benefits of financing and leasing.

Blue Street Capital has developed creative financing and lease options to meet the needs of Laerdal customers that allow them to conserve their cash and working capital, as well as preserve their current lines of credit. In addition, the decision to lease simulation equipment can also result in a variety of tax benefits and deductions.

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Financing solutions for your simulation needs

Technology Refresh

Upgrade Your Equipment

One of the biggest benefits to financing is the ability to upgrade equipment as needed. The only way to stay on the cutting edge is by adopting new technologies as they become available. Financing makes this possible without dramatically increasing technology spend.

Full Coverage Financing

Education, Technology, Software and Maintenance

There are often portions of your purchase, such as software, education and maintenance programs that can be difficult for finance companies to manage. Blue Street Capital ahs been working for over 18 years with clients like yourself to create easy-to-manage payment plans for the services you need to complete even the most complex projects, regardless of equipment type.

About Blue Street Capital

Blue Street Capital can extend numerous ways to cost effectively finance your simulation needs. Together, we can assist you through all phases of your simulation equipment lifecycle, including assessment, acquisition, utilization, and disposal. Blue Street Capital has the ability to approve a wider range of credits than large banks and capital leasing companies. They can also finance a wider variety of equipment, software, and even services than most other financing institutions. With best-in-class financial options tailored to meet your specific needs, Blue Street Capital has you covered.

Payment terms normally range from two to three years with monthly payments, but we also offer shorter and longer payment terms as well as quarterly, semi-annual, and annual payment plans. Blue Street Capital’s process is quick and convenient with simple one-page lease applications, fast quotes, pre-approvals, competitive rates, preventive maintenance and extended warranty financing, and dedicated, experienced finance professionals assigned specifically to help Laerdal customers.

Financing FAQs

What can be included in a financing agreement?

We provide a complete bundled solution which includes your Laerdal equipment, software and services, including maintenance, installation, training and shipping costs. 

What does the financing process look like for a Laerdal customer looking to finance a simulation solution?

4 easy steps:

(1) Ask your Laerdal representative to obtain a finance proposal
(2) choose the terms you would like by returning the signed proposal
(3) you will then recieve the formal approval and final docs via DocuSign
(4) Laerdal's finance partner will then pay for the full amount of the project on your behalf upon delivery and you will start to recieve monthly payments.

Do I need to have insurance on the technology or equipment I am financing?

Yes, you need to provide proof that your organization has general liability and property insurance. With proof of insurance you will not be charged any additional insurance fees.

Can I lease equipment if I have already purchased it?

Yes, if you have already place a PO with Laerdal but not paid for it in full we can easily add it to a schedule within 20 days of the order being placed. If you have paid in full you can still lease the equipment within 90 days of the equipment being delivered in most cases.

What are the benefits of equipment financing?

Most Laerdal clients chose a finance option due to budget constraints, moving the purchase from their capital budget to an opperating budget. There are also times where the purchase would be distruptive to cash flow and monthly payments minimizes that impact. There are also tax and liability reasons why Laerdal clients choose finance options.

What are the tax benefits of financing equipment?

Talk to your CPA about your section 179 thresholds for the year. Section 179 is a tax incentive where you recieve fist year excellerated depretiation on the entire equipoment value in contrast to 3-5 year depreciation. You can often recieve this tax incentive when financing as well as paying cash for equiopment purchases.