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Designed to simulate real nursing scenarios, vSim for Nursing, co-developed with Wolters Kluwer Health, allows students to interact with virtual patients in a safe, realistic online environment. Based on National League for Nursing (NLN) scenarios, students will access curriculum resources and practice patient-centered care for a variety of case studies



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Real-World, Evidence-Based Scenarios

Interative student scenarios along with integrated curriculum resources provide a full simulation learning experience for every student.

vSim® for Nursing will be available for the core nursing curriculum. vSim for Nursing Fundamentals includes 10 Pediatric Nursing patients from the NLN Simulation in Nursing Education – Fundamentals Scenarios that currently exist as Laerdal simulator scenarios.


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The guide provides strategies for use of vSim® for Nursing in programs across all types of nursing education. It provides faculty with ideas to integrate vSim into existing curricula and offers ways to develop and/or enhance current teaching strategies. The guide is based on data collected from faculty who participated in pilot testing of vSim for Nursing | Medical-Surgical during spring 2014 and who submitted feedback to the National League for Nursing. These faculty members provide instruction in a wide array of classroom, clinical, lab, and simulation settings.

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 Fundamentals Scenarios

• Christopher Parrish – Nutrition
• Edith Jacobson – Activity
• Jared Griffin – Asepsis and Infection Control
• Josephine Morrow – Skin Integrity: Wound Care
• Kim Johnson – Urinary Elimination: Intermittent Catheterization
• Marvin Hayes – Bowel Elimination: Colostomy Care
• Mona Hernandez – Oxygenation
• Rashid Ahmed – Fluids, Electrolytes, and Acid-Base Balance
• Sara Lin – Pain Management
• Vernon Russell – Safety


Patient-Centered Care

Nursing students develop clinical reasoning skills by prioritizing and implementing actions within several dimensions, including:
Safety Measures – Practice safe procedures
Communication – Interact with the patient through questions that result in text and audio responses.
Assessments – Conduct specific physical assessments
Interventions – Take action with the patient to improve their health status
Drugs and IV Management – Administer medication according to provider orders
Tests and Diagnostics – Perform lab or diagnostic tests to support clinical decisions
Search - Find available interactions to take with the patient
Electronic Health Record - Reference provider orders and patient information to influence decision making
Call Provider - Request additional information during the scenario
Patient Handoff - End the scenario at any time


Unique, Personalized Learning

vSim for Nursing allows each student to have a different experience with the patient. By recording interactions throughout the patient care scenario, the personalized feedback log is generated, customized to the user experience, Each time students repeat the scenario, they will receive a personal feedback log outlining their clinical reasoning choices.

  • vSim Score – Immediate feedback calculated based on severity of errors
  • Main Opportunity for Improvement – Identify key focus areas
  • Basic View - Review a timeline of student actions with feedback and remediation
  • Detailed View - View patient status at the time of studen actions

Measure Students Success

Create classes and monitor students results by viewing pre-simulation and post-simulation quiz data and student debrief logs.