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AED Trainer 3 - Laerdal
Trainer only

Item Number: 198-00650
Price ex. GST: $ 765.00
Price incl. GST: $ 841.50
Available in 6-8 weeks  

The AED Trainer 3 only is shipped with the following items as standard:

•  one AED Trainer 3

•  one External Manikin Adapter

•  one pre-installed AED Trainer 3 Operating System Card containing the AED Trainer 3 operating system and configuration program

• one reusable HeartStart Training Pads III interconnect cable

•  one set of reusable HeartStart Training Pads III

•  one printed Instructions for Use in English and Japanese

•  one multi-language Quick Start Guide

•  one set of “Training Only” stickers in multiple languages

• 4 AA size alkaline batteries

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