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SimMan® Critical Care

Advanced training in respiratory and critical care interventions

Meet the evolving demands of healthcare education

Simulate true-to-life scenarios

Designed for in situ simulation, SimMan® Critical Care provides advanced training in respiratory care, critical care, and anesthesia practice using onboard technology to deliver tetherless mechanical ventilation, enabling learners to progress through transitions of care from pre-hospital to ICU. Engage in hands-on learning experiences practicing basic to advanced medical techniques for a cutting-edge training experience, aligning healthcare education with the demands of the evolving medical landscape.

Built on SimMan’s trusted legacy in medical simulation, SimMan Critical Care integrates ASL 5000™ technology to replicate any patient condition, allowing learners to refine essential skills in managing critically ill patients. Tetherless operation reduces complexity, marking a significant advancement in mechanical ventilation training

Simulation solutions

SimMan's product ecosystem is designed to make advanced medical simulation available to everyone and offers a holistic approach to training and quality improvement in critical care, including specialized training in emergency care, trauma care, intensive care, anesthesia, and point-of-care ultrasound.

Together, these products deliver training solutions that form an immersive simulation environment, ensuring healthcare providers are equipped to face the challenges they may encounter in the real world.


SimMan Critical Care is the only high-fidelity mobile simulator that offers spontaneous modes of:

  • Pressure Support Mode – provide support for every patient triggered breath

  • Adaptive Support Mode – automatically adjust pressure based on patient requirements

  • Proportional Assist Ventilation – improve patient-ventilator synchrony

  • Pressure Regulated Volume Control – achieve set tidal volume at lowest possible airway pressure

  • Volume Control Mode – preset tidal volumes administered to patient

  • High Frequency Oscillatory Ventilation – combine high respiratory rate with small tidal volumes to improve oxygenation 

Precision in practice

In the field of healthcare education, prescribed simulation control is vital to bridge theoretical knowledge with practical application and ultimately contribute to improved patient care and safety. Experience advanced simulation control that enhances hands-on training and allows for the customization of simulations, ensuring that students and healthcare professionals can practice and refine their skills across a broad spectrum of scenarios. From pre-built lung models to customizable scenarios, the simulation control software provides a realistic learning environment with features that support comprehensive critical care training.

• Pre-built Lung Models - access five pre-built lung models, each offering variable severity to enhance the breadth of simulation scenarios

• Scenario Library: utilize a library of pre-built scenarios, streamlining the preparation process for comprehensive training sessions

• Custom Lung Models - create and save custom lung models, broadening training scenarios that can be accessed at any time

• Breathing Control - exercise precise control over patient work of breathing with variable patient effort settings, providing a nuanced and true-to-life training experience

• Spontaneous Breathing Response – recognize spontaneous breathing using a real mechanical ventilator, enhancing the authenticity of simulations

• Ventilation Mode Changes: effortlessly switch between ventilation modes, transitioning from volume to pressure control on the same patient without adjusting settings or interrupting the simulation flow

Curriculum and Skills for Quality Patient Care

  • High-Fidelity Simulation
  • Respiratory Care
  • Acute Care
  • Critical Care
  • Trauma Care
  • Behavioral Care

High-Fidelity Simulation

SimMan Critical Care is one of the most advanced emergency care patient simulators designed for high-fidelity simulated scenarios. All aspects of medical training can be practiced simultaneously and gradient levels of difficulty can be applied to each scenario to build learner competence. Simulation provides the opportunity to train staff without risk to patients. The ability to frequently practice and manage complex medical scenarios helps to prevent medical errors, while detailed feedback promotes discussion and reinforces the learning process. 

Respiratory Care

Respiratory care training helps bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application. The immersive simulation environment offered by SimMan Critical Care allows healthcare professionals, students, and respiratory care teams to engage in realistic scenarios, replicating critical situations related to respiratory distress, chronic conditions, or acute respiratory failure. Through repeated practice in a simulated environment, individuals can refine their decision-making skills, enhance clinical competence, and develop effective communication strategies to deliver optimal respiratory care in diverse and challenging clinical settings.

Acute Care

Simulate a wide range of medical emergencies, including those encountered in pre-hospital and in-hospital settings, such as airway obstruction, stroke, and cardiac arrest. Students and emergency medical professionals can practice their skills in a realistic and controlled environment, allowing them to train to respond quickly to different scenarios and develop the confidence and competence to perform their duties in real-life situations. 

Critical Care

SimMan Critical Care is designed to simulate clinical conditions with a variety of physiological responses to help train students and critical care teams in the management of critically ill patients. Simulate life-threatening or complex medical conditions such as sepsis, heart failure, or acute respiratory distress to help improve patient outcomes and reduce morbidity and mortality in critical care medicine.

Trauma Care

Trauma care requires specialized training in the rapid assessment of traumatic injuries. Students and healthcare professionals in emergency departments and trauma centers use SimMan Critical Care to train to provide emergency care such as advanced airway management and hemorrhage control. Scenarios support the practice of critical thinking, clinical diagnosis, and interprofessional team training in emergency care and trauma situations. SimMan Critical Care offers unique features and responsive physiology that help improve learning outcomes in high-stress situations.

Behavioral Care

SimMan Critical Care helps facilitate the training of medical students, nursing students, and behavioral health professionals in a wide range of clinical scenarios and can simulate mental health conditions that allow students to practice conducting a mental health assessment, developing a treatment plan, and rehearsing specialized care situations in a safe, risk-free environment.



The definitive learning management solution for healthcare simulation and education.

SimCapture allows you to effectively manage, record, and assess simulation training, both on-site and in-situ. Capture audio, video, annotations, patient monitors, and simulator data in a single web-based interface.

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