Accueil231-00101 - Jambe pour intraosseuse, enfant

Jambe pour intraosseuse, enfant

numéro d'article: 231-00101
Prix HT: € 171,00
Prix TTC: € 206,91
Délais de livraison estimé à 4-6 semaines  

Lifelike foam leg with simulated tibia designed for practicing medication and fluid administration through intraosseous infusion.

  • Landmarks at the tibial tuberosity and medial malleolus facilitate proper site location
  • Simulated tibia provides realistic decrease in resistance as needle enters marrow cavity
  • Fluid can be infused for realism during aspiration and infusion
  • Drain in heel connects to reservoir bag
  • Leg can be used as stand-alone trainer or articulated to the MegaCode Kid series of manikins

Includes: Leg, infusion kit, IV bag and solution set

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