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Tech Opportunities at Laerdal

Use your tech expertise to make a meaningful difference in the world.

This is an exciting time to work at Laerdal. We’re undergoing a transformation as we harness the power of emerging technologies to help us achieve our mission of helping save lives. Our new technologies are growing fast, so we’re looking for the best tech talent to help us reach our goal of helping save one million more lives every year, by 2030. 

Doing business for good

We have ambitious goals to become carbon neutral, develop more circular solutions, and minimize our impact on the environment throughout the value chain. We have projects on everything from reducing emissions, to assessing embedded carbon in our products to working with innovative ways to create new recycled materials. We are always looking for solutions to find sustainable solutions.

You don't need to know everything about tech trends or human-centric product development to be a part of our team, but we look for enthusiastic people who want to make a difference. We are 1900 people around the world who collaborate to help save lives.

Join us.

Tech all over the world

The current pandemic has fast-tracked everything. Development in the areas of eLearning, VR, AR, XR, and remote learning have been accelerated.

  • Our team in Copenhagen is focused on delivering the best digital learning possible. They’re doing this by leveraging the latest technologies in Augmented and Mixed Reality. They’re developing authoring tools for eLearning content like eSimulation patient cases, full-scale simulations, and XR simulations – within days instead of months.
  • Our team in Bangalore develops Learning Management platforms and produces digital learning activities for millions of learners.
  • Our team in Washington, D.C. is focused on multi-channel video processing, real-time video machine learning, predictive analytics, and more.
  • And at our headquarters in Stavanger, our team develops digital solutions that are integrated with our physical products.

All of this work contributes to improved learning which results in better patient outcomes.

David Frahm-falkenberg.JPG
“Combining the latest technologies, gaming, and learning with a purpose and a clear mission of helping save lives - makes working with tech in Laerdal not only fun and challenging but also truly inspiring and motivating."

David Frahm-Falkenberg
Managing Director, Laerdal Copenhagen

It’s our aim to create a consistent, frictionless customer experience across digital touchpoints.

Design-centered mindset

We’re passionate about understanding the potential of new technology. We learn from emerging trends to understand how new technologies can enable healthcare workers to be better trained and equipped to do their best. We’re focused on human-centered design thinking. Our development process is based on an iterative and collaborative approach that’s used in every phase of development from reviewing the latest research, identifying needs, developing concepts, and to the final refinement and finalization of a solution.

Rapid prototyping

Being able to develop prototypes quickly helps to reduce the risk associated with developing new products and helps us better understand what’s needed to bridge the gap between what we do now and in the future. Our workshop and facilities are equipped with laser cutters, 3-D printers, an in-house tool shop, injection molding factory, and electromechanical assemblies.

Laerdal Denmark Office

Do you have talent in one of our focus areas?




Embedded software development

Mechanical product development

Electromechanical development


Software development

Alf-christian Dybdahl Laerdal Medical.JPG
"We’re not becoming a technology company for the sake of technology, we’re doing it to have the biggest impact on our mission of helping save lives.”

Alf-Christian Dybdahl
CEO, Laerdal Medical

More than 60 years of best practices

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Helping save lives

Our goal is to help save one million lives every year by 2030. It can only be achieved through close collaborations. Laerdal’s aim is to help its partners be more efficient in their efforts to train and equip lifesavers.

Laerdal Insights

Laerdal is more committed than ever to providing training and educational resources to help support the simulation community.