A cost effective simulation solution for multiple healthcare disciplines

Offering educators realistic and engaging scenario based simulation to challenge and evaluate critical thinking and clinical decision-making skills, SimMan Essential provides numerous educational opportunities for its users.

The wireless configuration of SimMan Essential makes it possible to move quickly to wherever your training will be most efficient and realistic.


Watch how SimMan Essential performs in various settings

Healthcare EMS Military Professional Education


From an emergency situation in a remote location through the process of definitive care in a hospital, from a war-torn battlefield to a busy hospital ward – SimMan Essential injects a greater realism into scenario based training.


Running simulation with EMS or Military teams?

For specialist training with military and EMS teams we recommend SimMan Essential Bleeding which incorporates an internal bleeding system. This offers unique benefits for field based trauma training.

SimMan Essential is robust and reliable so it will withstand the rigours of extensive use in field based simulations.


Easy to use software with immediate debriefing

LLEAP operating software makes simulation training simple and efficient, both on the fly with Manual mode, and running pre-programmed scenarios in Automatic mode.

As you can use the same patient case scenarios on all Laerdal patient simulators with LLEAP, less time is needed to prepare, giving you more time to teach.

With Session Viewer, SimMan Essential provides a quick and easy debriefing solution for immediate reviewing of student performance to capitalise on learning opportunities.


Manage your scenarios and incorporate video and audio with SimCenter.

Use SimCenter to enhance simulation training

Customisable scenarios and real-time instructor controls allow scenarios to be adapted and developed to your unique learning objectives.

SimCenter offers easy access to validated content from worldwide simulation experts so you can take advantage of their experience and get the most from every learning opportunity.

Find a wide range of scenarios at www.mysimcenter.com.



Laerdal Services support you all the way

The Laerdal Services portfolio offers comprehensive Educational Services to support your implementation goals, and extensive Technical offerings to meet your simulator servicing needs.

From simulator installation, routine preventive maintenance, product orientation and operation through to helping you realise your learning objectives and incorporating scenarios, Laerdal Services are available to help make your simulation-based training programme a success.

Information on training services and technical offerings can be found under the "Courses" and "Services" tabs to the left of the page.