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SimMan® 3G (Discontinued)

This product has been discontinued.
Consumables and replacement parts will be available until 2028.


How do you turn a team of experts into an expert team?

Great performance requires great team training

SimMan 3G is a durable patient simulator created for high-quality simulation training in a multitude of different medical procedures and patient cases. Use SimMan 3G as a stand-alone simulator, or expand your training possibilities with high-quality add-ons and your own equipment.

Scenario-based training using SimMan 3G perfectly combines the need to identify skill improvement areas for individuals as well as those essential for a team to function together, such as communication, behavior, and leadership.

Let your team train with state-of-the-art simulation technology designed to improve team performance within a risk-free environment.


Take a look at the NEW SimMan 3G PLUS

User-friendly simulation training

Balancing state-of-the-art technology with simple set-up and easy-to-run scenario programs.

Using SimMan 3G alone, or together with more advanced training options such as ultrasound, or ventilation management, a clinical patient monitor and video debriefing systems, every aspect of your learner's simulation experience is completely integrated and available at the touch of a button.

With LLEAP you have complete control over your simulation training whether you choose to operate SimMan 3G on the fly or use pre-programmed scenarios. Physical and physiological parameters are set, trends started and actions logged.

Take your simulation training further

Together with experts in their field, we have created a range of completely integrated upgrade options that can be combined with different SimMan patient simulators to further enhance your simulation.

Utilize the definitive learning management solution with integrated debriefing and assessment tools.


Use your own clinical patient monitor during simulation training for increased realism.



Include diagnostic ultrasound featuring real ultrasound cases with pathological findings into full-scale simulations.

Laerdal-SonoSim Ultrasound Solution

Conduct training with a spontaneously breathing patient supported on a ventilator.

ASL 5000 Lung Solution


A commitment to helping save lives

At Laerdal, we are committed to helping save lives. That is why simulation is a crucial component of our healthcare education portfolio. Our flagship SimMan Simulators build upon decades of experience in the field of medical simulation.

Laerdal is dedicated to helping you meet your educational goals

From simulators and scenarios to installation and training,  our products and services are designed to help you achieve the optimal training environment.

This product has been discontinued.
Consumables and replacement parts will be available until 2028.