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The HSL Simulation Webcast

Are you a Simulation Enthusiast in the medical world? Welcome to your home for Simulation Best Practices! 
Catered towards Simulation Enthusiasts and owners of Laerdal products, The HSL Simulation Webcast is a light and interactive way to explore medical simulation. Featuring special guests and live forums, we dive deep into Laerdal products, technology, software, and ways to truly enhance your training and make an impact with your simulations.

Upcoming Episode: July 27th, 12:00PM EST | 1:30PM NL​

Debriefing: Achieving Positive Learning Outcomes

The focus of this episode will be on Debriefing and how to leverage debriefing concepts to help you achieve positive learning outcomes and standardize your simulation training. Additionally, we will be presenting the newest member of the Nursing Anne Simulator family: NAS Male. ​

In the next episode titled: Debriefing: Achieving Positive Learning Outcomes, we will discuss and explore the importance and structure behind debriefing your simulation training. ​
This episode is for you if:​

  • You are looking to learn more about debriefing​
  • You are looking to standardize your simulation training​
  • You are interested in learning about the CORE Debriefing and SIRC courses​
  • You are looking to diversify your Nursing Anne Simulator ​
  • You want to connect and network with fellow simulationists ​
  • And more...

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Stay tuned for updates on the upcoming Houston SUN as well as other hot topics!​

Attendees will be part of our LIVE QUIZ Giveaway! We look forward to seeing you all in the Clients’ Corner, where you can feel free to pose any questions or share experiences.

Your Co-Hosts


Alyssa Lapierre 
Product Marketing Manager 


Shane Peddle, ACP
Sales & Service Simulation Consultant