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Pre-inc DeliveryOnlySkin
C-section Prompt Flex

Referencia: LIM-80171
Precio sin IVA: € 439,00
Precio c/IVA: € 531,19
Plazo de entrega estimado a 7-9 semanas  

Replacement pre-incised skin for PROMPT Flex Caesarean Section Module (LIM-80103).

Allows focus on the delivery of the baby rather than the opening of the abdomen.

This product is available in a dark skin-tone (LIM-80271).


  • 10mm incision, with 12mm holes at either end to prevent propagation of the cut
  • The baby can be easily and repeatedly loaded into the uterus and delivered via the incision
  • Accommodates use of metal, plastic or rubber retractors


  • Realistic skin feel
  • Full term appearance
  • Fundal pressure can be applied


  • Part of the PROMPT Flex Range


  • Wash with soap and water


  • Latex free

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