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Cervix 7 (10 cm Dil / Anterior Lip)Prompt Flex

Cervix 7 (10 cm Dil / Anterior Lip)Prompt Flex

Nimikkeen numero: LIM-80155

Anterior Lip)Prompt Flex

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Odotettu lähetyspäivä 17/01/2022

Replacement latent labour cervix representing 10cm dilation and anterior lip for PROMPT Flex Cervical Dilatation & Effacement Module (LIM-80102)

  • Assessment and Bishop’s scoring of the progress of labor
  • Cervical dilation (10cm)
  • Cervical effacement (Anterior lip)
  • Vaginal examination to assess cervical dilation
  • Realistic representation and feel of a 10cm dilation/anterior lip latent labor cervix during vaginal examination 
  • Part of the PROMPT Flex Range 
  • Washable with soap and water 
  • Latex free
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