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Ensemble de 7 cervix de travail latents
pour module PROMPT Flex CDE

Référence: LIM-80142
Prix HT: € 309,00
Prix TTC: € 370,80
délais de livraison estimé à 14-16 semaines  

Set of 7 replacement latent labour cervixes for the PROMPT Flex Cervical Dilatation & Effacement Module (LIM-80102)

A realistic representation of cervixes (including the anterior lip), for trainees to practise the skills required for both normal and complicated births.


Assessment and Bishop’s scoring of:

  • Cervical dilation (1-10cm)
  • Cervical effacement (0-100%)
  • Cervical ripeness/consistency (soft, medium, hard)


  • Full set of latent labor cervixes to represent latent stages of labor


  • Realistic representation and feel of cervixes including anterior lip during vaginal examination


  • Part of the PROMPT Flex Range
  • For use with Presenting Parts (80144) and Static Rig (80140) from the PROMPT Flex Cervical Dilatation & Effacement module
  • Presenting parts and cervix can be set up outside the model for demonstration, then placed inside for examination


  • Washable with soap and water


  • Latex free

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