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PROMPT Flex Cervical Dilation and Eff. Model

PROMPT Flex Cervical Dilation and Eff. Model

Dilation and Eff. Model

Expected shipment date 15/07/2024

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Part of the PROMPT Flex range, the Cervical Dilatation & Effacement Module allows for training in the assessment and management of both the latent, and active, early stages of labor.

Product Features

    • Perineum for PROMPT Flex CD&E Module (1)
    • Pelvic Ring (1)
    • Static Rig (1)
    • Dynamic Rig (1)
    • Set of 7 Latent Labour Cervices (1)
    • Dynamic Cervix (1)
    • Set of 5 Presenting Parts (1)
    • Set of 2 Difficult Labour Heads (including parietal bones and 1 skin) (1)
    • Amniotic Membranes Set (includes 25 membranes sheets, O ring, syringe and fluid tube) (1)
    • Set of 6 Caputs (2 of each size supplied in a plastic tray (1)
    • Inserts to represent early labor cervixes effacement, dilatation and ripeness in line with Bishop’s scoring. Assessment and Bishop’s scoring of:
      Cervical dilation (1-10cm)
      Cervical effacement (0-100%)
      Cervical ripeness/consistency (soft, medium, hard)
      Cervical position (anterior, mid, posterior)
      Foetal station (-3 to +3)
    • Assessment of and artificial rupture of membranes
    • Assessment of presenting part - flexed, deflexed, brow, face, breech, caput and moulding and caput formation
    • Positioning mechanism allows adjustment of station, dilation and tilt without removal from the simulator
    • Dynamic positioning mechanism allows adjustment of dilation in active labor
    • Markers allow tutor to read positioning in situ
    • Presenting parts and cervix can be set up outside the model for demonstration, then placed inside for examination
  • Length: 55 cm / 21.65 in

    Width: 29 cm / 11.42 in

    Height: 48 cm / 18.9 in

    Weight: 6.8 kg / 14.99 lbs

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