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SimMom Tetherless solo simulatore

SimMom Tetherless solo simulatore

solo simulatore

Data di spedizione prevista 28/04/2023

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SimMom is a tetherless birthing simulator, representing a full term pregnant adult woman. SimMom responds to clinical intervention, instructor control, and pre-programmed scenarios, and allows for the observation of both maternal and fetal vital signs. Instructors can articulate mother and baby in multiple position in order to simulate various types of deliveries. Students can practice diagnosis and treatment of the mother and fetus. SimMom can be used to teach skills such as airway management, CPR, heart and lung sound auscultation, and blood pressure auscultation.



SimMom full body manikin, Birthing baby, Umbilical Cord, Cuttable cords (5), Placenta, Amniotic bag, Cervix, Uterus, Boggy uterus, Uterine inversion module, Birthing lubrication, Wig, Hospital Gown, C-section abdomen skin, Blood Pressure Cuff, Fluid bags kit, Blood reservoir kit, Venous blood kit,  Disposable bed pad, Crico-Thyriod Tape, Neck skins, Hand pump, Lubricant kit, Power Cord, Operators manual, User guide, Transport / Storage bag, MamaBirthie

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