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Teaching with SimPad

The next step in your simulation training

Once you have completed the Getting Started course, the next step is to gain some deeper insights into using your simulator. With a focus on software components, this course enables you to learn more about the LLEAP for SimPad Learning Application and how to start using your SimPad simulator system in your education.





Who benefits from this course


This course gives you an enhanced knowledge of the SimPad and introduces you to the concept of scenario-based training.  


As a simulation operator, an in-depth understanding of the SimPad helps you to better run your scenarios.



Understanding the operational software platforms is necessary to ensure your simulation center is efficient. These platforms are generic across the simulators, so it is relevant for all roles.


What value this course provides

Identify and articulate the features of the LLEAP for SimPad software.
✔ Operate the simulator using the SimPad Instructor Application.
✔ Operate the simulator using Manual and Automatic Modes
Demonstrate the use of a simulation session log in the debrief software.
✔ Operate pre-programmed scenarios
✔ Learn features of Session Viewer/SimView Mobile debriefing software
Demonstrate the use of a simulation session log in the debrief software.

Bill did a great job of tailoring the class to our needs and creating a productive environment for learning. He even went beyond our expectations and set up the LLEAP software for two of our other simulators.

How this service is delivered

This is a one-day course for up to eight participants delivered at your facility by our Field Service Specialist or Educational Service Specialist.

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What's next?

The next step is the Teaching with Scenarios course. This course focuses on how to use your system with pre-programmed scenarios and how to measure your training for evaluation and debriefing.