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Elevating Your Support Experience

Embark on a Transformative Customer Journey with Laerdal​

At Laerdal, we are dedicated to enhancing your mission and advancing your path. In pursuit of this commitment, we have transformed our support system to optimize, simplify, and enhance your overall interaction with Laerdal.​

Experience a revolutionary, personalized approach to your curriculum, solution, and simulation requirements with us. Welcome to a new era of comprehensive support tailored just for you.

Watch Customer Success Specialist Liza Norcross explain how she and her colleagues will work with you to pave the way for a smooth path to achieving your simulation goals.


How It Works


Step One

Your Client Executive will work with you on identifying the simulation solutions and services you need to meet your goals. ​



Step Two

Your Client Executive will introduce you to your Customer Success Specialist, who will ensure the implementation of your simulation order, installation, and educational services go smoothly.



Step Three

Your Customer Success Specialist will remain in touch with you to ensure that you’re experiencing a strong return on your simulation investment, and help resolve any issues as they arise.

Meet Your Personal Customer Success Specialist

Our team of tenured Customer Success Specialists brings years of experience in helping clients achieve their learning objectives. Learn more about the Customer Success Specialist you’ll be working with.

Northeast, Southeast and Midwest Regions


Kim Molodec

Kim Molodec is the Customer Success Manager for the Northeast, Southeast and Midwest Regions. She has 26 years of experience at Laerdal, across multiple roles and departments. Her desire is to ensure our customers have a positive experience during their simulation purchase and are fully supported in meeting their objectives throughout their simulation program. She is committed to growing internal team alignment to help resolve issues and secure customer satisfaction and success.

Kim's interests: Spending time with family, gardening, and doing CrossFit.

  • Southeast
  • Midwest
  • Northeast



Christine Yatsko

Christine Yatsko is a Customer Success Specialist for the Southeast Region. She has over 20+ years of experience in consultative sales at Laerdal. She carries the honor of being a proud recipient of the Laerdal President’s & Ambassadors club awards for many consecutive years. She thrives on “Helping Save Lives one customer at a time!” by helping customers identify the solutions they need to meet their learning objectives and educational outcomes. 
Christine’s interests: Spending time with family and friends, music, dancing, camping, hiking and the outdoors.



Jill Williams

Jill Williams is a Customer Success Specialist for the Midwest Region. She has over 24 years of experience with Laerdal, with over 22 years in consultative sales. She has been a recipient of the Laerdal President’s and Ambassadors club awards throughout most of her tenure with Laerdal. Her goal is to provide a positive and seamless customer experience and she is proud to be part of Laerdal’s mission of Helping Save Lives.

Jill's interests: Spending time with her family and friends, traveling, swimming, boating, and the beach!


Scott Serino

Scott Serino is a Customer Success Specialist for the U.S., predominantly the Midwest Region. He has been with Laerdal since 2000, working in the Distribution Center, Supply Chain & Logistics, and as the Manager of the U.S. and Canadian repair centers. As a Customer Success Specialist he plans to use those experiences to provide our customers with the best possible experience. Ensuring they are able to meet the needs and objects of their program and helping deliver the Laerdal Mission of “Helping Save Lives”. 
Interests: Mountain Biking, Hunting, Fishing, Landscaping, pretty much all things outdoors. But most off all enjoys spending as much  quality time with his Wife, Daughter, Family and Friends.  



Kerry Doelger

Kerry Doelger is a Customer Success Specialist for the Northeast Region. She joined Laerdal and the CSS Team in December of 2022, and has loved being part of an organization that is in the business of “Helping Save Lives.” She strives to provide a seamless customer experience and tries her best to ensure the customers’ needs and wants are being listened to.

Kerry’s Interests: Spending time with her niece Eleanor as well as the rest of her family, reading, and playing Pickleball.


Zahra Campbell

Zahra Campbell is a Customer Success Specialist for the Northeast Region. She is the newest member of the team, joining Laerdal in October 2023. She has worked in customer support and customer success for many years and has a passion for helping people and delivering good news.

Zahra’s interests: Listening to and making music, comedy, exercise, watching movies, and playing with her dogs.

Canada, National Accounts, South-Central, and West Regions


Vincent Scaglione

Vinnie Scaglione is the Customer Success Manager for the Canada, National Accounts, South-Central, and West Regions. Vinnie has been with Laerdal for over 10 years. He began his career at Laerdal working as the Manager for the Help Desk. He has always been customer centric, providing "outside of the box" solutions to meet customers' needs.

In this role, Vinnie enjoys collaborating with other departments within Laerdal to streamline processes that will have a positive impact for our customers.

  • Canada & National Accounts
  • South-Central
  • West

Canada & National Accounts


Hannah Haas

Hannah Haas is a Customer Success Specialist for Canada and National Accounts. In her previous role, Hannah worked in Sales Support, acting as the National Account liaison. She has been with Laerdal for 6 years. In this new role, she enjoys getting to know our customers and seeing firsthand how our products and services can help save more lives.

Hannah’s interests: Reading, hiking, playing board games with her nieces, and jigsaw puzzles.


Kelsi Passaro

Kelsi Passaro is a Customer Success Specialist for National Accounts and Canada.  She has been with Laerdal Medical for 5 years.  In her previous role with the Customer Service team, Kelsi excelled at working diligently to meet and exceed customer needs and expectations as part of the Returns team.  She also held a hybrid position with the Technical Support Team which afforded her an in-depth knowledge of Laerdal’s products.   In her new role, she enjoys developing and nurturing customer relationships and continuing to find solutions that best meet the needs of all her customers. 

Kelsi’s Interests: Reading, writing, painting, cooking, and spending time with family and friends playing board games.



Lisa Dixon

Lisa Dixon is a Customer Success Specialist for the South-Central Region. She has been with Laerdal since 2005, working in a consultative sales role where both long-term customer relationships and customer satisfaction have always been her main priorities.

In this new role, Lisa enjoys working closely with internal teams at Laerdal to ensure customers receive the highest quality of service throughout their simulation journey. She feels that as Laerdal products and solutions change, it’s good to know we are all still working on the same mission of Helping Save Lives.


Sherri Brister

Sherri Brister is a Customer Success Specialist for the South-Central Region. She has been with Laerdal for over 22 years and has a Bachelor of Science in Food Service Management. She has been a member of the Laerdal President’s club award seven times, Ambassador’s club once, and has a passion for providing the best customer service experience possible. She feels very blessed to be part of our wonderful mission of Helping Save Lives and has a proven track record of building customer relationships.

Sherri's interests: Spending time with family and friends, camping, and gardening.



Kathleen Wilson

Kat Wilson is a Customer Success Specialist primarily focused on the West Region. Originally hailing from the Laerdal Help Desk, Kat now brings an expertise in technical support to the CSS role. Kat thrives on diving into the nitty-gritty and collaborating with all departments to provide solutions that meet each client’s needs.

Kat’s interests: Hiking, baking, and board games with friends.


Liza Norcross

Liza Norcross is a Customer Success Specialist for the West Region. She joined Laerdal in 2022 and has a strong background in customer service across multiple industries. She enjoys helping others succeed in their goals, always strives to provide an excellent experience for customers, and thrives on Laerdal’s mission to Help Save Lives.

Liza’s interests: Traveling, camping, working with her dogs and horse, and spending time with family and friends.

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