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How You Can Boost ROI with SimCapture

Increase Your Organization’s Simulation Return-on-Investment

The initial cost of setting up or expanding a healthcare simulation center with equipment, staff, audiovisual infrastructure, and management software can be substantial. As a result, you're likely to find yourself at some point needing to justify your expenses to garner support and funding.

SimCapture Cloud is not just used to capture video detail – it also captures performance data and delivers that data to you in a way that can help you easily assess learner performance. This means that by choosing SimCapture as your center’s simulation and debriefing management platform, you can see significant return on investment (ROI). Specifically, it can help these four critical areas of operation:


Remote Simulation

COVID-19 has drastically changed the way organizations plan and deliver training and education. As faculty and simulation center staff continue to adapt to the challenges of remote learning, SimCapture can help you build competence and confidence- anywhere and anytime.

SimCapture's remote options allow for worldwide learner access, on-site or in-situ recording, and virtual debriefing. These features include:

  • Remote OSCE: Learners and standardized patients (SPs) can interact without the requirement for Zoom or any other 3rd party software.
  • Learner Driven Scenarios: With new self-driven scenarios, students can practice skills together or submit recordings of their skills for review and evaluation.
  • SimCapture Mobile App: Users have the ability to connect up to four mobile devices, and capture in-situ simulation sessions.

With SimCapture’s remote solutions, you can seamlessly and continuously deliver training without any setbacks.

Automation and Efficiency

For most organizations, increasing efficiency without sacrificing quality is a top priority and a primary means of generating ROI. SimCapture offers a suite of available tools specifically intended to increase efficiency with ease, including:

  • Activity scheduling within the sim center
  • Learner self-enrollment
  • Learner event notifications
  • Automated center sign-in and room assignment

In addition, SimCapture comes with a fully customizable central control module. This enables administrators to setup and reset multiple rooms from one single user interface. After your students conduct on-site or remote activities, SimCapture compiles all recorded sessions, assessments, and reports automatically. Then, it places all of that content into student portfolios. And, to further lighten the administrative workload, SimCapture incorporates the tracking of standardized patient and learner interaction history.

Through automated controls, a sim center with limited staff can support a higher volume of activities – and even open opportunities to rent out the simulation center to other organizations for an additional revenue stream.  

Curriculum Management and Collaboration

It is also important to consider how you intend to manage and deliver the simulation curriculum. SimCapture’s features enable educators to collaboratively create a curriculum that can be used time and time again. Without the need for manual scoring, SimCapture Cloud can store and track learner results – cutting down on administrative time.

Other features include:

  • A collaborative question library for building and reusing assessments
  • An integrated and customizable electronic medical record (EMR)
  • Courses to organize, administer, and track learner progress

Using a trusted platform to maintain the educational curriculum and track learning outcomes can spare you countless hours of data entry.

Reporting and Tracking

SimCapture can monitor all performance metrics of on-site and remote activities. This means that with only a few clicks of a mouse, all center usage data can be sorted, exported, and shared as a PDF, Excel or HTML file format. Users, standardized patients, simulators, rooms, clinical equipment, and even SSH accreditation tracking information are all available in the easy-to-use navigation.

As each simulation center has its own organizational structure, roles and viewing permissions are fully customizable. Only the most pertinent information for each role will be displayed to the end-user.

Instant access to reporting allows directors, deans, and other key stakeholders to quickly and accurately justify their investment, oversee ongoing funding requirements, and demonstrate ROI to the rest of the organization. And, in addition to the potential ROI for the organization, SimCapture undoubtedly provides a significant ROI for learners.

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