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The Future of Simulation, Technology & Engagement

Paul Phrampus

Director of the Peter M. Winter Institute for Simulation, Education and Research

WISER Center

Dr. Phrampus is the Director of the Peter M. Winter Institute for Simulation, Education and Research (WISER). He received a B.S. in Biology from Old Dominion University and an M.D. from Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, Virginia. He is a Professor in the Departments of Emergency Medicine and Anesthesiology of the University Of Pittsburgh School Of Medicine. Dr. Phrampus is the Medical Director for Patient Safety of the UPMC Health System. He is an active member of the Quality Patient Care Committee of the UPMC Board of Directors. He is a fellow of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare and a Certified Professional in Patient Safety.

He has overseen the expansion of WISER capabilities in developing a distributive model of management for the main campus of WISER as well as the satellites centres that have been deployed throughout the UPMC Health System. Dr. Phrampus led a team to create an airway algorithm and an accompanying difficult airway management simulation course specific to the practice of Emergency Medicine. This program has now been completed by hundreds of practising Emergency Physicians. This program and its safety-oriented principles have been deployed across the emergency departments of the UPMC Health System as well as other institutions across the country. He led a team to develop difficult airway management for EMS providers which trained 2,000 paramedics in the Southwestern Pennsylvania area.

Dr Phrampus is a co-creator and course director of the internationally acclaimed simulation instructor training program call iSIM (Improving Simulation Instructional Methods) which is a suite of programs to assist faculty in developing expertise in simulation, assessment and education research. Dr. Phrampus serves in a leadership role in national simulation efforts. He is a Past President of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare. He is an inaugural member of the editorial board of the journal Simulation in Healthcare. Dr Phrampus has an appointment in the esteemed University of Pittsburgh's Academy of Master Educators. He has been active in education for many years and won numerous awards as a faculty educator. He seeks to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of learning and developing models of assessment methods for practising healthcare providers to improve the quality of healthcare delivery.

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Nancy Sadka

Clinical Senior Fellow of Medical Education, Melbourne University 

Northern Hospital

Dr. Nancy Sadka, MBBS, FACEM, MPH, Clinical Senior Fellow of Medical Education, Melbourne University

Nancy Sadka is an Emergency Physician at the Northern Hospital in Victoria and the ED Clinical Lead in Education and Research. Nancy has an interest in simulation development for education and the use of translational simulation as an integral part of health service quality improvement.

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Trish Wood

Operations Manager 

Douglas Starship Simulation Programme

Starship Child Health

Trish Wood is the Operations Manager for the Douglas Starship Simulation Programme at Starship Child Health, Auckland, New Zealand.

Trish has nursed for many years in a variety of primary and acute healthcare settings. Since 2001 she has been committed to paediatrics having worked at Starship in the Children’s Emergency Department in a range of nursing roles including Clinical Charge Nurse and Clinical Nurse Educator. It was in the educator role that Trish first experienced hi-fidelity simulation. She joined the wave of simulation based education, leading in-situ programmes involving experienced multi-disciplinary teams.

Simulation roles developed organically over a period of time as the simulation programme advanced and developed. Trish now works 36 hours per week in simulation and leads a team of simulation nurse educators, and a sim tech.

Professional networking and mentorship both across NZ and internationally have been instrumental in programme growth. Trish will share her passion for simulation and is consistently motivated by the ability to positively impact quality and safe patient care using simulation.

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Adam Montagu 

Director, Adelaide Health Simulation

University of Adelaide

Associate Professor Adam Montagu is the Director of Adelaide Health Simulation (AHS) at The University of Adelaide. AHS provides simulation teaching and assessment to students of nursing, medicine, health science, dentistry and psychology. In 2021 the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences will introduce physiotherapy, speech pathology and occupational therapy.

Adams clinical experience is predominantly in adult emergency departments where he held senior clinical leadership positions as a Registered Nurse. He is a Certified Healthcare Simulation Educator and an Education Specialist with the Adelaide Education Academy. Under his leadership, Adelaide Health Simulation achieved accreditation in teaching and education with the Society for Simulation in Healthcare. At the time of writing, Adelaide Health Simulation is the only such facility to hold this accreditation in Australia. In 2017 Adelaide Health Simulation relocated to a purpose-built 24 room simulation facility within the new Adelaide Health and Medical Sciences Building. This purpose-built simulation and assessment facility houses the largest installation of B-line’s Enterprise SimCapture solution. In 2018 Adelaide Health Simulation expanded to a second building, furnishing another 12 rooms making a 36 room multisite simulation facility.

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Michael Gilmour 

Lead Simulation Technician

Adelaide Health Simulation Centre

Michael Gilmour leads the Simulation Technician team at Adelaide Health Simulation and has a deep working knowledge of the technology in both it’s design and implementation. Michael can offer valuable insight into both the day to day running of such an environment and the challenges it presents. In addition, Michael is responsible for the technical delivery of over 60 OSCE exams annually to both undergraduates students and external clients such as the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Michael is also a professional actor who is involved in the Adelaide Health Simulation’s innovative Standardised Patient Program.

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