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Optimizing your investment

Laerdal Services


The challenges

Research studies have shown that simulators and manikins are often underutilized. The two main reasons are equipment downtime and lack of trained staff.

Equipment downtime is a result of non-operational or poorly functioning equipment. This causes disruptions to productivity and ultimately, learner outcomes. 

Availability of trained staff can mean the difference between a successful and unsuccessful simulation program. Those who are capable of both operating equipment as well as running simulations to meet the education objectives of the curriculum are often a scarce resource.

 Whether due to equipment downtime, untrained staff, or both, the underuse of simulators represents a poor return on investment.


Achieving success

To realize the full potential of a simulation program, equipment must be operational at all times and staff must know how to operate it. It is also critical that staff learns how to integrate simulation into their curriculum and training programs.

Achieving the greatest value from your investment is two-fold. Keeping simulators operational allows for more training time per staff/student. Staff that is trained to effectively implement educational objectives is the most valuable return on investment of all – resulting in improved learner outcomes and, most importantly, more lives saved.

Our global support network

From maintaining your equipment to best practice instruction, Laerdal’s Service Solutions have you covered – around the globe. When you purchase a Laerdal simulator, you expect highly reliable performance. You should expect the same level of performance from your service team. That is what you get from our Technical Support Representatives, Field Service Engineers and Education Service Specialists. 

140 Experts worldwide
34 Global key partners
40 Countries where services are available

The benefits of simulation services

How Laerdal can help

Laerdal offers a wide selection of educational and technical services to meet your needs from the basics through complex simulations. Our goal is to keep your simulation programs running in the most effective and efficent manner to avoid unnecessary downtime. We take care of the technology and we support your educational objectives, so you can focus on training to help save lives.

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We will handle your personal contact details with care as outlined in Laerdal's Privacy Policy.

We will handle your personal contact details with care as outlined in Laerdal's Privacy Policy.